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24 Hour Cream - allt i einu

285.06 35 EURO
Artnr. 1102

Day and night cream for a young complexion. It has a softening, cleansing and soothing effect on the..


Acne Drops - Bóludropar

150.4 18 EURO
Artnr. 1110

Acne drops are effective and easily applied.

After shave - Eftir rakstur

285.06 35 EURO
Artnr. 1103

After shaving, an aftershave cream is made to fit all skin types. It is particularly suitable for se..



266.97 29 EURO
Artnr. 5101

Aswagandha capsules contain extracts made from Aswagandha roots. It helps you deal with your stress ..


Black seed oil - Cumin Seed Oil.

217.87 24 EURO
Artnr. 5102

100% Natural Black Cumin Seed Oil.

Body scrub

470.4 58 EURO
Artnr. 1413

Body scrub - A body exfoliation that removes dead skin cells, opens pores and cleanses, softens and ..


256 32 EURO
Artnr. 1406

A very effective body lotion that gives you silky skin.

Bodylotion XLpack - 0,5 lit

576 72 EURO
Artnr. 6020

Large packaging 0.5 liters. See detailed description under Bodylotion Art. No. 1406.

Bossa cream - cream for small buttocks

223.36 27 EURO
Artnr. 1601

A special cream with a unique combination of herbs for your child.


Brown without sun

224.8 28 EURO
Artnr. 1801

Brown complexion without chemical bombardment!

Calendula ointment

312.96 39 EURO
Artnr. 1802

An excellent ointment to use for, for example, dry, chapped hands and feet with self-cracks.


Carrot oil

168.8 21 EURO
Artnr. 1113

The oil gives color and luster to the skin. Suitable for dry skin.


Child massage oil

223.2 27 EURO
Artnr. 1603

The baby massage oil is a pleasant massage oil and body lotion for children.

Child shampoo

172 21 EURO
Artnr. 1602

The shampoo is gentle and kind to both the hair and the scalp. Used by both children and adults.

Child shampoo XL pack - 0,5 lit

387.2 48 EURO
Artnr. 6018

Large packaging 0.5 liters. See detailed description under Children's shampoo art. No. 1602.


Clean Collagen

249.12 27 EURO
Artnr. 9192

Clean Collagen consists of 100% collagen hydrolyzed from grazing cows and is completely free of addi..

Cleansing milk - Hreinsimjólk

237.12 29 EURO
Artnr. 1108

Cleansing milk is used as a very gentle cleanser for the face and neck and removal of makeup. Made t..

Cleansing milk 30ml (6-pack) - Hreinsimjólk

313.31 39 EURO
Artnr. 1231

Cleansing milk is used as a very gentle cleanser for the face and neck and removal of makeup. Made t..


Deodorant, roll on

155.2 19 EURO
Artnr. 1412

A deodorant - roll on with pleasant scent from herbs and free from aluminum!


Devil´s claw oil - djöfullinn olíu

392.1 49 EURO
Artnr. 1407

An in-depth massage oil, especially for very stiff bodies.

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