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Artnr. 9200

Colloidal Silver - 1 liter


Scandinavian Herbs Colloidal silver is a water purification product that consists of deionized water and silver ions. The shelf life is around two years.

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Disinfectant for drinking water. Effective against viruses, bacteria, fungi, single-celled parasites of the protozoa type (eg amoebas).
Scandinavian Herbs Colloidal Silver is a product that is classified as a water disinfection product with a strength of 10 ppm, corresponding to 100 micrograms of silver per 10 ml. That something is in colloidal form means that it is finely divided into microscopic free-floating particles whose electrical charge causes the particles to constantly repel each other. Nano-silver product means a product that consists of more than 50% silver nanoparticles. Our Colloidal Silver does not contain more than 30% silver nanoparticles and is not classified as a nano-silver product. Scandinavian Herbs Colloidal Silver is a biocidal product, i.e. the product is not a dietary supplement.

Add two teaspoons of Colloidal Silver (silver water) per liter of drinking water to be disinfected. Shake and leave for 15 min.

Declaration per 10 ml (two teaspoons):
Silver 100 mcg / Silver 10 mg per liter

Preferably stored in the dark and at room temperature.
Keep out of the reach of small children.

Deionized water, silver ions 10 mg per liter
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