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Facial toner -Anlidsvatn


Facial water is an effective cleanser for the face and neck. This is a special compound, alcohol-based (10%) facial water - rich in herbs. Facial water cleans in depth and removes the last remnants of make-up and contamination.

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One of the herbs in the facial water is the spine that contains the azule. It has a caring and cleaning effect and closes the pores after cleaning. Named Achillea millefolium, the herb has been named after Achilles, the invulnerable figure in Greek mythology. The plant has followed the people in many wars and is called in ancient writings for the soldier's herb (Herba militaris) The best cleaning is obtained by first using cleaning milk and then finishing with facial water, which lifts off the last remnants of dirt and closes the pores. Moisten a cotton swab with water, sprinkle on a few drops of facial water and cleanse the skin by drying or bathing. The alcohol can irritate something if you use it close to your eyes. If you are sensitive, you can use cleaning milk instead. Use face water for effective deep cleansing before using any of our creams
Ingredients (base):
Aqua - Water
Alcohol Denat. - Denatured alcohol
Calendula officinalis - Marigold

Ingredients (herbs):
Achillea millefolium - Yarrow
Viola tricolor - Violets
Urtica dioca - Nettle
Juglans regia - Walnut
Matricaria chamomilla - Blue chamomile
Anthemis nobilis - Roman chamomile
Chelidonium majus - Greater Celandine
Rosmarinus officinalis - Rosemary
Centaurea cyanus - Cornflower
Thymus vulgaris - Thyme
Juniperus communis - Common juniper
Carum carvi - Caraway
Anthyllis vulneraria - Vulnerary
Jasminus grandiflorum - Jasmine
Citrus aurantium - Neroli
Lavendula angustifolia - Lavender
Citrus nobilis - Mandarin
Citrus aurantifolia - Lime

Skön och behaglig att använda, huden känns ren och fräsch efteråt
Petra Roman

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