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Hot Shot - Eins og skot

285.06 35 EURO
Artnr. 1409

A special cream that is pleasantly warm to, among other things, lubricate on the chest, sinuses.

Kombucha - ginger(6-pack)

311.52 34 EURO
Artnr. 9191

Kombucha is fermented tea that gets its taste and its positive properties from a microbial culture t..


Lip balm

46.54 5 EURO
Artnr. 1109

A caring and softening lip balm that makes your lips soft and supple, in both winter sports and roas..



279.2 34 EURO
Artnr. 1403

Has the same beneficial and pleasing effect as the massage cream but does not need to be massaged.

M-milk (6pack) - 30ml

355.21 44 EURO
Artnr. 1416

Has the same beneficial and pleasing effect as the massage cream but does not need to be massaged.

M-milk XL pack - 0,5 lit

628 78 EURO
Artnr. 6007

Large packaging. See detailed description under M - milk Art. No. 1403.

Massage cream - Nudd rjómi

227.2 28 EURO
Artnr. 1402

Massaged in for deep beneficial effect on the tired and stiff body.

Massage oil - Nudd olía

299.2 37 EURO
Artnr. 1401

A powerful action massage oil for your stiff, strained body.

Massage oil XL pack - 0,5 lit

673.6 84 EURO
Artnr. 6005

Large packaging 0.5 liters. See detailed description under Massage oil Art. No. 1401.


Miracle cream - Undrakrem

312.96 39 EURO
Artnr. 1105

A cream that is very softening and caring. Very easy to absorb.


Nail oil - Naglaolěa

206.51 25 EURO
Artnr. 1202

Scandinavian Herb's nail oil strengthens and balances the nails. It is the treatment of both nails a..

Oil of love - Unadsolía

231.52 28 EURO
Artnr. 1701

Love's oil is a very beneficial massage oil that stimulates both body and soul. Both for women and m..

Pencil ball tip, petroleum blue, with white print

7.5 0 EURO
Artnr. 9116

Petroleum blue blue ballpoint pen with white print Scandinavian Herbs. Stylish pen with a nice grip.

Relaxation oil - Slökunarolía

228 28 EURO
Artnr. 1405

Relaxation oil is beneficial for both body and soul. It makes the skin silky smooth and helps your s..

Relaxing bath oil - slökunarbadolía

273.91 34 EURO
Artnr. 1506

This oil provides a pleasant relaxation for body and soul.

Relaxing shower oil

285.6 35 EURO
Artnr. 1505

Can be used as a soft detergent in the shower / bath and as a relaxing aroma treatment in warm water..

Relaxing shower oil XL pack - 0,5 lit

642.4 80 EURO
Artnr. 6012

Large packaging 0.5 liters. See detailed description under Shower oil no. 1605.

Sea buckthorn drink (6-pack)

367.72 41 EURO
Artnr. 9202

Sea buckthorn drink with berries from Hälsingland. Rich in vitamin C. Serve well chilled and shaken..

Sea miracle cream - Undur Hafsins andlistskrem

320.24 40 EURO
Artnr. 1104

Extra softening and stimulating face cream for sensitive skin. Suitable for older mature skin.

Seaweed shampoo - Hársápa ţörungur

172 21 EURO
Artnr. 1502

An effective and natural shampoo for normal to dry hair. The shampoo is gentle and kind to both the ..

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